VectorB2B is a member of the EATRIS network

In May 2022, VectorB2B joined the EATRIS network in the ATMP, Small Molecules and Vaccines platforms.

EATRIS is the European infrastructure for translational medicine. EATRIS brings together resources and services for research communities to translate scientific discoveries into benefits for patients. EATRIS is what is known as an ‘ERIC’, which is a non-profit European Research Infrastructure Consortium. This specific legal form is designed to facilitate the joint establishment and operation of research infrastructures of European interest.

‘EATRIS’ has been the acronym of the European Advanced Translational Research Infrastructure in Medicine since the formation of the organization in 2007. In November 2013, EATRIS became the first biomedical science infrastructure to receive European Research Infrastructure Consortium status, established by the European Commission.

EATRIS provides access to a vast array of pre-clinical and clinical expertise and facilities that are available within 144+ top-tier academic centers across Europe. EATRIS focus on improving and optimizing preclinical and early clinical development of drugs, vaccines and diagnostics.  Solutions are developed in the fields of advanced therapy medicinal products, imaging and tracing, small molecules, vaccines and biomarkers. 

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