• To identify substances that can cause genetic alterations in somatic and/or germ cells
    • Genetic alterations may result in effects manifested after very long periods of time
    • Genetic alterations in somatic cells may cause cancer or other genetic diseases
    • Accumulation of DNA damage can also be related to neurodegenerative diseases
    • In germ cells, DNA damage is associated with spontaneous abortions, infertility or heritable damage
    • To adequately cover all genetic endpoints, various tests may be required

In vitro genetic toxicology tests

  • Bacterial reverse mutation test (Ames test) – OECD 471
  • In vitro  Micronucleus test – OECD 487, 479
  • Mammalian chromosome aberration in vitro – OECD 473

In vivo genetic toxicology tests

  • In vivo mammalian erythrocyte micronucleous test – OECD 474
  • In vivo mammalian alkaline comet assay – OECD 489

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