TechnoPhage is a highly innovative drug discovery company focused on the development of proprietary chemical and biological drugs. Within the biologics arm, TechnoPhage is developing two classes of drugs, namely light-chain single-domain antibodies (sdAbs) and bacteriophage cocktails. These two drug platforms are developed in parallel to address separately the limitations of two different medical issues, specifically, issues relating to current antibiotics, as well as the limitations associated with full-length antibody-based drugs. TechnoPhage currently has over 9 drug products into their developmental pipeline, each of which is being developed to treat medical indications such as diabetic foot ulcer infections, osteomyelitis, respiratory infections, Alzheimer’s, age-related macular degeneration, plus other neurological and immunological disorders. TechnoPhage’s ambition is to establish its products as the leading drugs in their respective field, and VectorB2B is designed to a) overcome challenges associated with the current manufacturing procedures of its therapeutic biomolecules, and b) finalise preclinical experiments for specific disease indications.

TechnoPhage’s solutions to the problems associated with full-sized antibodies and current antibiotic therapies are, respectively, light-chain small-domain antibody fragments (sdAbs) and phage cocktails, two distinct drug platforms in which the company is developing in parallel. To address the issues associated with the high manufacturing costs of such biomolecules, TechnoPhage in addition proposes a solution in the form of setting up an in-house manufacturing facility at VectorB2B.

To achieve the desired cost-saving effect, manufacturing of therapies needs to be cost-effective. In the current state, neither phage nor antibody therapies can be manufactured in a cost-effective manner as current manufacturing platforms render low yields nor high costs. Consequently, lower-cost solutions are needed to ensure adequate patient access to treatment. TechnoPhage has developed its single-domain antibody pipeline as a more cost-effective solution to conventional full-length antibodies targeting diseases with high priority.