Leading partner in TechnoPhage Clinical Trial

Vector B2B – Drug Development has been elected as the lead partner to manage the TechnoPhage clinical trial on Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

TechnoPhage trusted Vector B2B – Drug Development to conduct the TP-102_101/REVERSE study, a Phase I/IIa Double-Blind Randomized Clinical Trial to determine the safety and tolerability of the bacteriophage cocktail TP-102 in subjects with Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

Chronic non-healing ulcers represent a significant medical problem, particularly in subjects with diabetes. Several studies relate infected diabetic foot ulcers with the increased incidence of lower limb amputations. Currently, the management of these ulcers is done through topical antibacterial products in conjunction with dressings. However, the increased resistance to systemic antimicrobial therapy has been responsible for the failure to treat these ulcers, ultimately leading to increased mortality.

TP-102 bacteriophage therapy may be a novel therapeutic approach for addressing the severe problems associated with diabetic foot infections and antimicrobial resistance recurrence.

“We are very excited to have been selected by TechnoPhage to manage this important clinical trial” says Teresa Almeida, Head of CRO at Vector B2B – Drug Development.

Vector B2B CRO team has extensive experience in managing clinical trials, providing customized services with a focus on flexibility and personalized attention, designed to help biotechnology companies, academia or pharmaceutical companies in the endeavour of getting their products into the market.

Miguel Garcia, TechnoPhage CEO, said: “We needed to customize this clinical trial considerably to the specific needs of TechnoPhage, and that was only possible through the support of a highly qualified team. For that reason, Vector B2B – Drug Development was the best partner to manage the REVERSE trial.”



For further information contact:

Teresa Almeida
Head of CRO

Email: talmeida@vectorb2b.com

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