The Faculty of Pharmacy is a teaching and research institution in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences, which offers programs of excellence in scientific and professional areas directly related with therapeutics, from drug discovery, to design, development, characterization, distribution and usage.

FF/ULisboa hosts the Research Institute for Medicines (iMed.ULisboa) that is a multidisciplinary R&I Unit in Life and Health Sciences, supported by FCT. Its mission is to develop innovative medicines and benefit human health through top-class multidisciplinary research, technology and innovation. Capabilities are built around a network of 15 research groups, spanning the drug discovery and development spectrum, with an emphasis on innovative, multidisciplinary, and collaborative research. iMed.ULisboa hosts 196 researchers (111 with PhD degree), 85 PhD students, and 8 technicians and administrative collaborators. In the last 5 years, 624 papers were published in SCI journals, 30 patents were produced, 73 PhD theses were concluded, and 84 projects were active. As principal contractor of iMed.ULisboa, FF/ULisboa provides efficient administrative and management support, consolidation of back office operations, and optimal use of resources, office and laboratory space, access to infrastructures, human resources and technical support thus enabling iMed.ULisboa to continue focusing on its core research and training activities. FFULisboa owns infrastructures and human resources for education, independent RD&I activities and the widespread dissemination of research results. All profits from these activities, including knowledge transfer, performed by FFULisboa, or in cooperation with FFULisboa, are reinvested in the above-mentioned activities. Additionally, FFULisboa is member of several networks and consortia, promoting initiatives to enhance innovation and national competitiveness in healthcare.