VectorB2B will be at “BioSpain”

Vector B2B will be participating at the BIOSPAIN: Trade Show and Partnering taking place on 27th October 2021 in Pamplona-Iruña, Spain. BIOSPAIN is the largest biotech event organized by a national bioindustry association in Europe and one of the largest in the world by the number of one-to-one meetings (+3.300) and companies participating (+773).  Virtual […]

VectorB2B will be at “Skin Microbiome & Cosmeceuticals Congress: Europe”

Vector B2B will be participating at the Skin Microbiome & Cosmeceuticals Congress: Europe taking place on 26th-27th October 2021 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Dedicated to exploring the burgeoning field of skin microbiome research, the 3rd edition of the Skin Microbiome & Cosmeceuticals Congress: Europe brings together KOLs to present case studies focusing on topics such as […]

VectorB2B will be at the “Swiss Biotech Day”

Vector B2B will be present at the Swiss Biotech Day taking place on 7th September 2021 at the Congress Center Basel, Switzerland. The Swiss Biotech Day has become one of the leading biotechnology conferences in Europe. This year’s event gathers exhibitions throughout the day, delegations from various countries, thematically focused panel discussions, pre-scheduled one-to-one partnering meetings and a […]

VectorB2B organiza Mesa Redonda: “Experimentar o Futuro – As novas tecnologias e os desafios na inovação em neurociências”

A VectorB2B – Drug Development organiza a Mesa Redonda: “Experimentar o Futuro: As novas tecnologias e os desafios de inovação em Neurociências”, no âmbito das comemorações do Dia Mundial do Cérebro. Este evento pretende facilitar sinergias, promovendo a ligação estratégica entre sectores inovadores e transversais no âmbito da investigação em Neurociências. Fazem parte do painel […]

Short Interview with Luisa Lopes

We have interviewed Luisa Lopes, the Leader of the Neurobiology of Ageing & Disease group at the Institute of Molecular Medicine (iMM) in Lisbon. In this short interview, Luisa talks about her research. She shares her opinion about the FDA approved Aduhelm (aducanumab) and how COVID-19 neurological complications are being addressed.

Short Interview with Susana Gonçalves

We have interviewed Susana Gonçalves, Operations Director at TechnoPhage. Susana talks about her experience in working with VectorB2B in the management of TechnoPhage clinical trials and shares her opinion about how she thinks companies like TechnoPhage could benefit from working with VectorB2B.

Short Interview with Mariana Almeida

We have interviewed Mariana Almeida, Innovation & Pharmaceutical Development Manager at Grupo Medinfar. During this short interview, Mariana talks about Medinfar and the role of VectorB2B as a one-stop-shop, offering full drug development services.

Short Interview with Francisco Ambrósio

We have interviewed Francisco Ambrósio, Director of the Coimbra Institute for Clinical and Biomedical Research (iCBR) at Faculty of Medicine Coimbra University. During this short interview, Francisco talks about the research performed in his laboratory and how VectorB2B can help to bridge the translational gap.

A new decade, a new framework for European funding

A new decade. A new framework for European Funding In recent times, no other year has been as challenging as 2020. The turn of the decade brought with it a worldwide pandemic and an abrupt stop to the economic growth in most countries. These are, without a doubt, the most testing times for most, if […]

VectorB2B will be at “Bio-Europe Spring 2021”

Vector B2B will be participating in the Bio-Europe Spring 2021 between March 22-25. Bio-Europe Spring is the European largest springtime digital partnering event with the aim of connecting the right partners in Life Sciences. It features workshops and company presentations with the main focus of providing the right environment for interaction and partnering opportunities. Participating companies will […]