• SW Design

    Biomedical R&D

    Covering the whole value chain of pharmaceutical R&D

    VectorB2B is your partner for cost-efficient, rapid, and tailored-made solutions every-step-of-the-way in drug discovery & development
  • SW Design


    From Lab Scale to GMP Manufacturing

    Optimal solutions to all stages of development - From gram scale to commercialisation
  • SW Design


    Accelerate SARS-CoV-2 therapeutic, vaccine or test development

    Let us support you in the fight against COVID-19 with our antibody development services and our clinical trial expertise.

Driving force in drug development

Portugal’s best teams in science and clinics have joined forces to provide cutting-edge, customized solutions in drug development for academia and industry

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Vector B2B

Drug Developing – Associação para Investigação em Biotecnologia

Avenida Professor Gama Pinto nº.2

Alameda da Universidade,
Cidade Universitária

1649-003 Lisboa


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