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    Accelerate SARS-CoV-2 therapeutic, vaccine or test development

    Let us support you in the fight against COVID-19 with our antibody development services and our clinical trial expertise.

VectorB2B services span multiple therapeutic areas and classes of molecules, offering the scientific expertise and technical capabilities required to support your projects from target identification all the way through IND submission. Our scientific team connects the expertise of top Portuguese scientists and industry players, providing the best services. Moreover, you can expect frequent, proactive communication from a dedicated project manager from your initial contact and through every milestone of your project.

We provide a fully flexible and tailored solution to meet your needs. In fact, VectorB2B can provide stand-alone or fully integrated support projects to advance your product to the market. The client retains all intellectual property.



VectorB2B is committed to providing clear and transparent information regarding animal studies and animal care and welfare standards carried out in our partner institutions and therefore contribute to public clarification and a conscious and informed position in this debate of general interest.

In January 2022, VectorB2B signed the Transparency Agreement on Animal Research in Portugal, an initiative supported by the Portuguese scientific community in collaboration with the European Animal Research Association (EARA) to promote a more consistent approach to communicating the scientific, ethical, and moral justifications for studies involving animals in Portugal.

We acknowledge that it is not yet possible to completely replace the use of animals in drug discovery and development. Without the help of animals, most medicines, antibiotics, vaccines, and surgical techniques applied in human and veterinary medicine would not exist. Therefore, VectorB2B strongly endorses and encourages the application of the 3Rs principle: replacement of animals with alternative non-animal methods whenever possible, reduction of the number of animals used, and refinement of procedures to improve animal welfare.

More info – https://www.eara.eu/post/transparency-agreement-on-animalresearch-in-portugal


“Vector B2B has been our partner since the beggining of the pandemic and we could not be happier with them. Very open, costumer-centered, and always willing to help. The access we have to their services and its quality has saved us time and worries during these difficult times”.

Dr. António Cruz Ferreira, Desconfinamento360 Client

“Working with Vector B2B not only provided us with great data and thorough reports regarding the experiments we requested, but their scientific expertise helped optimize and improve the design of our experiments and success of our project.  I definitely recommend engaging VectorB2B”.

Daniel Emerling, SVP Research, Atreca, Inc.


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